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As of May 20 2013 I am technically homeless, jobless, and exploring the world in a 365 day adventure that will take me through Europe, Canada, South America, South East Asia and Japan (again)!

This trip is something I have been planning on doing since I caught the travel bug in 2011 when I did a life changing 6 week trip to Japan. This is also the perfect opportunity to focus my photography skills and tackle my very own Project 365 that I have had on my to-do list for the past 1,095 days.

To make posting on to go easier and less time consuming I developed a second blog/website purely dedicated to my Project 365. It is a custom wordpress site that displays each photos Exif data, and has a mapping system that allows me to tag each photo on a global map so you can all see exactly where the photos were taken. You can check it all out here:

Going Away Guitar Loop

So in between train trips I have finally managed to find the time to do something with the timelapse from my going away party back in May. If you were there you probably would have noticed the white guitar out for you to draw on and colour in. The gopro attached was timelapsing the whole thing and this looping video is the result. Enjoy!


I was trying to be productive on my flight to Singapore today by cleaning out and deleting some photos, but instead I just made this animated .gif. Its just Spud-B-Boppin to some tunes.


LoopdeLoop May - Black & White

This month Loopdeloop is teaming up with the Gertrude St Projection Festival once again. To make the projections as impactfull and viewable as possible this months theme is Black & White.

I have managed to pump out two quick animations for this one. Visit to vote for my loops!

Worms Go Wowowowowowowow:

Worms go Wowowowowow


What lies in the dark:

LoopdeLoop March - GIF

This months Loopdeloop is part of the Very Short Film Festival being held at vividd festival in Sydney. The Very Short Film Festival is a festival of short animated Gif films.

For the GIF Theme all animations had to be supplied as animated gif of course, however they had to have an accompanying GIF Acronym. I submitted two loops and intended to submit more, however time got the best of me.

Visit to vote for my loops and chack out some of the others!

Guns, Innocent Fun:

gun loop

Giffing Incomplete Failures:

loop 1

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