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Jacky T - Driving home

Plant Ya Feet - Jacky T

LoopdeLoop January - HOLLYWOOD

This months Loopdeloop is a collaboration between myself and Caspian Pantea from Design By Kai -

This months theme is HOLLYWOOD. Caspian and myself decided to recreate famous Hollywood chase scenes in a low polly look with an Isometric camera angle and this is the result.

This month LoopdeLoop is teaming up with JibJab who are hosting a special screening of all the loops in Hollywood and being judged by Weird Al Yankovic, Dane Boedigheimer (Creator of Annoying Orange), Alex Hirsch (Creator of Gravity Falls), And Jerry Beck (Co-founder of Cartoon Brew).

Caspian tackled the modelling and animation of the Star Wars and Itallian Job Scenes, while I worked on the Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park Scenes. Most of the sounds were recorded vocally by Caspian and myself and then mixed and mastered using Ableton Live. We then used After Effects to do some post work and tie it all together.

Visit to vote for our loop!

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2012 - Brain/Camera Rig

Brains are a surefire way of attracting zombie hordes.

So this year I came up with the following a brain+camera+mono-pod rig to take aerial photos of the hordes without capturing the millions of photographers in the background. I took almost 2500 shots and compiled them into a stop motion style video for the hordes to see.

Zombie-rig  Zombie-rig  Photo by Frank Yuwono

Instrument Mapping

instrument Mapping slither

Instrument Mapping is an experimental projection mapping project developed by Skare Media. The project incorporates musical instruments as the projection surface for a series of animations. The aim of this project was not to produce something that is for commercial purposes, but more to explore projection mapping techniques, and further my own learning in animation techniques and to thoroughly explore new applications and processes.

Instrument Mapping was picked up by Pause Festival 2011 and was on display from 7-14th of November 2011 at Melbourne Central.    Click Here to view some photos from the event.   Click Here to view a short promo video I put together about the setup for Pause Fest 2011.

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