Chris Staring
Digital Dude

Like so many other people in my field there doesn’t seem to be one term that describes exactly what we do, so when people ask “What do you do?” I usually just reply with “I’m a digital dude?”. It’s just easier than saying…

I’m a Digital Designer & Developer who jumps at the chance to show off his After Effects and Cinema 4D skills for animation, VFX, and post production jobs and also completing experimental projects such as projection mapping and motion controlled timelapse projections, VR and AR development among many others…. Oh and I have also won multiple photography awards and competitions which have had me jetting all over the world.

So Digital Dude just seems easier. You know?

I’m also a Freelance photographer but I keep that stuff over here:

Education & Industry experience

Seymour technical high school

During my first year of VCE at Seymour technical high school I knew exactly what sort of University course I wanted to complete and a vague career path I wanted to pursue, so I focused my VCE study towards classes which would help me achieve my goal.

My school offered classes in Studio Arts, Photography, and Computers so these are the main classes I focused my attention on.

In my final year I informed my Studio Arts teacher that I wanted to create some digital art which is when I was first introduced to Photoshop. He had never used it in his life, but managed to set up a computer for me in the supply room, installed photoshop and set me up with an un-capped internet connection so that I could google and youtube as many tutorials as I wanted.

For the next 8 months I taught myself photoshop, totally un-assisted. By the end of VCE I had an impressive portfolio of Digital artwork and an impressive grasp on Photoshop, and I had begun dabbling in Illustrator and Flash animations.

Victoria University

After completing VCE in 2005 I took a year off to work on my portfolio before applying for my Advanced Diploma of Multimedia at Victoria University. My portfolio alone skipped me through some of the requirements and I was offered several scholarships straight off the bat.

I completed the course with high distinctions and before I left the University I had worked on several paying jobs, completed a work placement with Reactive Studios, been offered a teaching position at Victoria University and already had a foot in the door at Sas Creative


  • 2D Animation
  • 3D animation
  • Imaging / Design
  • Sound Production
  • Film
  • Interactive Media (Mostly Flash)
  • Photography
  • Web Design / Development

SAS Creative

I landed my first job in the industry with part time gig as a Digital Developer and Flash Developer for SAS creative while completing my Advanced Diploma of multimedia at Victoria University and quickly transitioned to a full time position giving me a foothold in the advertising industry.

At SAS Creative I worked on campaigns for Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Dreamworks and SEGA building and Localising Minisites, games and online advertising campaigns.

I estimate during my almost 5 years at SAS Creative I worked on more than 300 digital campaigns.

Cummins & Partners

During my 4 years at Cummins and partners I worked on an avalanche of campaigns, installations, activation’s and digital campaigns for global brands such as Specsavers, Jeep, Vodafone, Asahi beer among many others. My work at C&P ranged from web development to design to 3D animation to prototyping Augmented reality experiences on a number of award winning campaigns.

Client List

Just a selection of the clients I have worked with during my time at Sas CreativeCummins & Partners & as a freelancer.


Where I’m at and where I aim to be.


Adobe Animate / Edge 95%
Adobe Photoshop 90%
Adobe Lightroom 90%
Adobe After Effects 90%
Adobe Premiere 85%
Adobe Illustrator 75%
Adobe InDesign 60%
Brackets (Coding) 75%
Google Web Designer 80%
Maxon Cinema 4D 55%
Ableton Live 55%


Sizmek 90%
Google Double Click Studio (fully certified) 85%
Wordpress 75%
Drupal 70%

Overall Skills

Web Banner Design 95%
Standard web banner builds 100%
Rich web banner builds 90%
EDM Design 70%
EDM Builds 75%
Website design 75%
Frontend: HTML + CSS 85%
Frontend: JS + JQuery 80%
Backend: PHP + MySQL 65%
Video, animation, post production 90%
Digital billboard / pannel builds 95%
Photography 85%