As of July 1 I will be doing my first major Cycle Tour around Icelands ring road! This is something I have been wanting to do for years after being inspired by Miraim who I met in Ireland a few years ago and runs a blog called Cycling Dutch Girl.

I almost had to postpone this trip for the second time after coming down with a case of Viral Arthritis about 6 weeks ago. It was extremely painful and had me off work for two weeks unable to use my hands at all. Luckily I have healed enough for my doctor to give me the green light to continue with the trip (as long as I take it easy) as my thumb is still a little tender and I have limited movement still. I may have to aim for lower KM’s for the first few weeks and possibly jump on the bus a few times if my hands start playing up, worse case I guess I will have to head back to Reykjavik and relax in a thermal pool and hire a car instead, but hopefully that doesn’t happen.

I’ve been doing some test trips on my bike over the past 6 months to make sure I am prepared for the the 1400km ring road. As long as I can do at least 50km per day I should be able to get around the loop with plenty of time to photograph and fly my Mavic Pro around the amazing landscapes, waterfalls, glaciers, thermal pools, geysers, volcanoes, and lavafields along the way. In preparation I also created a rad little map which includes all the best stuff to see along the way, all of the camp sites, hot springs and even some of the few-and-far-between gas stations so I know where I can re-supply in a few 100+km stretches of open road.

Also if you’re interested in exactly what bike, camping gear and photography gear i’m going to be taking along the way I have listed it all out below: